Schwinn exercise bikes are great for developing endurance, train legs and back muscles and of course to strengthen the whole cardiovascular system. Exercise bikes are equipped with on-board LCD window system that shows distance travelled, your speed and other features.

Schwinn exercise bikes have lots of different programs and goal tracking system which is very important to keep yourself motivated. All the data is collected and saved which helps you to track how you are doing.
After buying the bike you should not immediately start with heavy loads, you should increase you workout time gradually. If you have back problems, then you can choose exercise bike with extra back support.

Daily use of exercise bike can help to

  • Lose weight (by burning calories)
  • Develop endurance of the cardiovascular system and respiratory systems
  • Improve blood circulation during exercise
  • Strengthen leg muscles

Get Ready for fun cardio workouts that complement your workout goals. Read customer reviews of Schwinn Recumbent & Upright Bikes and choose one for yourself.